Evan Snoey

Multi-instrumentalist Artist

An artist and creative at heart, Evan Snoey has explored and dived into many mediums of music and art. His background in traditional styles combined with a contemporary music education allow him to not only thrive in jazz, bluegrass, old-time, rock, indie folk, chamber and improvisatory music but to push and blend them together. He currently plays with the bands The Woebegones and The Litch Brothers.

Evan has been playing music since he was five, first learning the fiddle. He grew up playing dance music, and has pursued many traditional styles since then. He sought out new instruments to learn, and new music to play. He has studied old-time, bluegrass, Scandinavian, Scottish, swing & jazz, and contemporary improvisational music. 

In 2017, Evan was selected to participate in the competitive Savannah Music Festival Acoustic Music Seminar, which provided an opportunity to work intimately with masters like Mike Marshall, Bryan Sutton, Darell Scott, Darol Anger, Alex Hargreaves, Jenny Scheinman and more. Evan has also shared the stage with the likes of Peter Rowan, John Reischmann, and Robert Glasper.

At the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music, he  studied under Matt Turner and Jose Encarnacion, and got the opportunity to work alongside movement artist Mauriah Donegan Kraker.

Evan is a solo artist with an EP of original solo music scheduled to release in the spring of 2024.